Its All About The Dogz!

We're crazy about dogz! 
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This page is to tell you all about our services we offer all dogs! 

from £10
All of our walks are at least a hour long, are in a variety of places ranging from the hilly sand dunes at seaton sluice to the muddy forest of the rising sun. During our walks we keep out dogs stimulated with many activity's such as 'fetch', 'find it' and generally anything that gets them to use their nose and brain. 
Keeping our dogs mentally and physically stimulated is what we LOVE to do!

from £20
At the Beginning of the day between 8a.m and 10a.m we can come to your house and collect your dog or you can drop him/her off at our house on your way out.
Go out straight away for a walk with him/her, if your dog is old enough he/she will come on all walks with us. we are usually finished our walks between 2p.m and 3p.m, at this time your dog will come back to our house for "wind down" where will give he/she a filled bone to chew on and relax in a comfortable warm house.
We will then drop your dog off at your home between 4p.m and 5p.m or you can come pick them up. for you getting home from work to enjoy a tired but cuddly dog! 

from £20
As with the normal day care, you can either drop your puppy off at our house or we can come collect him/her.
With Puppies ages 12 weeks - 6 months they require a lot of attention and need to be constantly kept a eye on as they could have an "accident" or chew something up!!  Which is not a problem! We love puppies and we would be happy to look after them all day for you so you need not worry about them while you are out.
We also do some training with the, such as Sit, Down, Wait, Leave it, Drop it, Paw and Roll Over.
When you are ready we can come drop off your pup or you can come collect him/her, Knowing you have a nice tired puppy!

from £25 per day
If you are going on holiday and want peace of mind that your dog is getting the best care, in a warm, clean home and to be treated like he/she is one of out own. Then boarding your dog with us is just what you will want. 
When it comes to boarding a dog we always have a dry run day with him/her to see how well they fit in with our daily walkers/daycare dogs and also our dog. 
While they are with us they will be treated as if they are one of our own, we will try to keep any routine that you have. They will come with us on every walk throughout their stay and also any day trips to Warkworth/Druidge bay.
You can relax and enjoy your holiday knowing your dog is having their own holiday with us!