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E-mail: [email protected]

It’s All About The Dogz – TERMS AND CONDITIONS

  1. We will arrange a short meeting with you and your pet(s) to assess the service that is best suited to you.
  2. Once the service is agreed upon we will issue you with a “NEW CLIENT FORM”.
  3. The form must be fully completed by the owner and answered honestly to judge the suitability of your pet for walking, boarding, day care or visiting services.
  4. Any deposits/advance payments paid to ITS ALL ABOUT THE DOGZ are non-refundable.  Cancellations of services are only refundable when seven days notice is given.
  5. We must receive a completed “NEW CLIENT FORM” before any service begins.
  6. Owners must declare to the best of their knowledge if their pet is likely to cause any harm or injury to themselves, staff, members of the public or another animal. Failure on part of the owner to disclose any matter that might render owner’s pet unsuitable will be deemed as a breach of this agreement. The agreement may be cancelled and all fees paid to ITS ALL ABOUT THE DOGZ will be non-refundable.
  7. We will require details of your pets insurance (if applicable) and their vet.
  8. For the safety and comfort of all of our pets we must see up to date records of the pets vaccinations and have up to date flea/worming treatment applied.
  9. Please note that dogs will be walked either individually or in groups. Whilst full care and attention will be paid to your pet, please note that incidents can occur.
  10. Please note that bitches in season will only be walked on lead.
  11. The owner must supply enough food, toys and bedding for their dog/s to ensure a smooth transition from their home.
  12. Payment for all services is required in advance. Preferably at least three days prior to boarding/visits, regular walks/daycare should be paid weekly/monthly in advance.
  13. The owner is responsible for payment of any veterinary fees caused through illness or injury. The owner is also responsible for the costs incurred should any additional food be required for their boarding/ day bookings.  Should your dog cause injury to another dog, you are responsible for any vet fees incurred.
  14. We have the right to refuse service at any time.
  15. We will give one weeks’ notice if we need to cancel or change a service with the exception of your pet causing harm to others, when cancellation would take immediate effect.
  16. It is the responsibility of the owner to ensure ITS ALL ABOUT THE DOGZ has up-to-date information about your pet and that ITS ALL ABOUT THE DOGZ is able to gain the required access to your property for pet visits. ITS ALL ABOUT THE DOGZ will hold your keys for the duration of the agreed contract. Keys will be returned on request/ when owner returns home. Please inform ITS ALL ABOUT THE DOGZ if you would like us to keep your keys for future services.
  17. Our normal dog walking times are between Monday to Friday 8a.m and 6p.m and Saturday 8am-1pm, any service outside of these times can be arranged but may have a different rate.
  18. If your pet has access to the outside and should go missing, ITS ALL ABOUT THE DOGZ will inform your emergency contact and discuss the appropriate course of action.
  19. Bank Holidays will be a higher rate for ALL services.
  20. Christmas, boxing and new year’s day will be charged at a higher rate.
  21. Where possible ITS ALL ABOUT THE DOGZ will provide any additional services requested. However, ITS ALL ABOUT THE DOGZ main priority is the welfare and care of your pets, and we will not be liable if any additional FREE services are not carried out.
  22. Keys are released for the duration of the contract and will be returned upon request. Copies of keys should be issued once services have been booked at the initial meeting. If we are required to collect keys at a later date there will be a additional charge of £5
    IMPORTANT: Please double check that keys work.
  23. Please inform us if you do not wish for us to photograph/video your pet/s also if you do not wish for these photos/video to be used on our website/facebook/youtube channel.

Health, Hygiene and Safety

Your pets health and safety is our top priority. We observe the latest sanitation protocols and safety codes for pet facilities.

  • We Hoover and mop our floors daily using disinfectant.
  • Any shared toys get washed at the end of every day.
  • Our garden is cleared of excrement as soon as it is made by the dog or first thing in the morning and at intervals throughout the day.
  • Covers for sofas are washed on a regular basis.
  • Dog beds are washed on a regular basis.
  • Dog crates are cleaned thoroughly after use.
  • Dog towels are washed after use.
  • Our garden is completely enclosed and safe for animals to use as both a play area and toilet.
  • Any “accidents” made by dogs/puppies are cleaned up instantly using disinfectant/bleach.

In case of illness

Puppies and older dogs can pick up common bugs relatively easily. We do everything possible to limit exposure to and spread of illness, but should you pet show signs (coughing, sneezing, nasal discharge, crusty eyes, vomiting or diarrhoea), we will follow these procedures:

  • If we come to your house and find your puppy/dog is unwell we will take them to the toilet and clean them up the best we can, then call you to let you know the symptoms and that your puppy/dog will be staying home. If it is a solo walk I will stay with them for at most half an hour to ensure they are calm and settled.
  • If boarding and your puppy/dog becomes unwell we can make sure they are comfortable, warm and with water at all times in a area away from other dogs, under supervision in case he/she needs to use the toilet. We will inform you of your dogs health by phone/text/e-mail. If you are out of the country it will be either e-mail/facebook messages and/or skype if you use it.
  • If during day care your dog is unwell, your dog will be kept in our home until able to be collected by yourself or we can drive him/her home, if you have signed up for our key holding service we can drop your dog/puppy off at home after speaking to you.
  • We will notify all owners of the illness, so they can look for symptoms in their dogs.
  • In the event of a emergency we will contact you or your emergency contact, and/or we will take your pet to your designated vet – arrangements must be made for costs to be settled by you direct to the vet.
  • Our address is 19 Dowling Avenue, Whitley Bay, Tyne & Wear, NE25 8RR.